Ambrinol (Firmenich) in Paris 17th.

I first smelled this delightful raw material when I had to recreate a beautiful modern chypre in Grasse. It is a powerful note that gives a nice illusion to the natural ambergris with mineral aspects and a strong dirty/animalic note. Even though it is an expensive raw material, you do not need much of it in a formula. You can smell the presence of ambrinol in a fragrance even when it is diluted at under 1%.

Last night, I went to visit a friend who lives in the 17th district in Paris. I stepped into the building and found myself in front of a circular staircase. As I climbed up the dusty staircase, I was surrounded by this smell of ambrinol around me. It was frightening beautiful…

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  1. kjanicki said:

    Interesting! Can you tell me the names of some perfumes that have a noticeable Ambrinol note?

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