Perfume and love have been interconnected in my life. I love perfumery. I once incorrectly told a master perfumer that “j’adore le parfum” (equivalent to: I “like” perfume) when I really meant to say “j’aime le parfum” (that I “love” perfume). He shook his head with great disappointment and quickly told me that my “adoring/liking” perfume was not enough. And he was right, you cannot just like perfume. You have to love it.

I chased after perfumery. I wanted her so much…she taught me to take risks, to leave everything behind, to make difficult decisions, to fight, and to make sacrifices. In moments of pain, rejection, and disappointment, I hung and fought on. There were times I wish that she would see my love for her, what I have done for her, and moments she was blind to my efforts. But perseverance and relentless ambition helped her see who I was and my potential. Loving perfumery was never about pain and suffering though – to be with her was joy and it was almost always joy. Just to be part of her life was worth all the trials and tribulations that came with it. What I went through between me and her was between us, and no one will possibly understand what I went through. And all of this taught me what love is.

Before going to ISIPCA, I had the opportunity to sit with a perfumer who was my inspiration. I told him that before I pursued perfumery, I had a pretty decent and stable life. With my finger, I motioned out a flatline. I was dead. And ever since getting into perfumery, my life became a huge sinusoidal wave with polarizing extremes, ups and downs. But I was so alive. This perfumer nodded and smiled without saying anything. I could tell that he wholly understood what I was saying.

To be continued.

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  1. Howard Wang said:

    I always enjoy reading your anecdotes on comparative lifestyles,, ie., how toothpastes in US are much more minty, and your complex and often visceral response to perfumery, which remains beguilingly undeveloped when compared to that of France. I think it was Maurice Roucel who commented on America’s largely simplistic attitude to perfumes; like vs. dislike, as opposed to dissecting and waxing poetically what they like or don’t like. I feel compelled to share sthg I wrote,

    I wish I could finish all the things I started: You are the best decision I ever made; I just forgot. I thought I wanted a second chance in life, but all this time, you were the second chance I asked for.. *wanders off muttering to himself with wrist stuck to his nose*

    Attached to this is a foto of fellow Basenoters who attended the meetup in Vegas last week; sorry it doesn’t allow me to post here.. Email me & I’ll share them w/ u;)

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